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Plate Heat Exchanger Gaskets Replacement Considerations
Jan 25, 2016

Plate heat exchanger gasket replacement is not avery simple thing, BU right if the actionmethod, a plate heat exchanger leak, liquidissues, hepusi today was simply to introduce theheat exchanger gasket replacementconsiderations.The heat exchanger plates coated withfluorescent test reagent. Under ultravioletlight check for tiny cracks and corrosion hole.And clean again. Besides. Check the sealingGroove of the situation should also be given. Ifnecessary, carry out rectification.Each plate heat sink bonding and bonding qualityinspection. Sort order of installation. Thencarefully assembled on plate fin group.After the chemical cleaning of plate heat exchanger. High-pressure blowing devicethoroughly remove residual in plate heat exchangers and other chemicals on the surface ofthe medium.
Back to the performance of the inspection andtesting. In the case of suspicion of corrosionon heat exchanger and check the wall thicknessof the pipe.
Clear plate heat exchangers the aging seals.Depending on the dirt. Chemical cleaning usingacid-alkali washing pool. Cleaned parts 'surfaces from corrosion of chemical abuse.


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