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The principle of heat exchanger
Jan 25, 2016

Due to the special role of corrugated plate surface of plate heat exchanger, so that fluid flows along the narrow, twisting channel and its velocity changes direction, resulting in fluid in small flow rate (Rc=200), aroused the strong-side, thus speeding up the destruction of the fluid boundary layer, enhanced heat transfer process, effectively improves the heat transfer capabilities. And it has compact structure, metal consumption low, high operational flexibility, heat loss, easy to install, check the removable and washable, corrosion resistance, long life and other advantages.
Heat exchangers are many plate according to certain technology and demand-side technologies assembled the work requirements. Assembled a and b plates are arranged alternately, plates forming a network channel four corner holes distributed between pipe and join pipe, gasket seal in the heat exchanger in the hot and cold media, while reasonable separate hot and cold media without mixing. In the flow of hot and cold fluid between your channel, upstream or downstream, in the flow of hot and cold heat exchange fluid through the walls. Process combinations of plate heat exchangers of many forms, are approaches to reversing plates and different Assembly implemented, process combinations can be divided into single process, process and vapor-liquid Exchange process, mixing processes.

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