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Composite wear-resistant lining application
Jan 25, 2016

Cement industry: separator blade, vertical millliners, wind Cone, conveying pipes, vibratingscreens, silos, etc.Fan: fan, fan blade, rear tray liner, the fanopening and easy wear parts, etc.Iron and steel: bin liner shipped, slidingbevel, Web, blast furnace Bell, skip, blastfurnace reinforcing steel, sinter feed tube,pipe, distribution boards and slag trough, theexhaust fan.
The thermal power industry: the fan impeller,ash pipeline, Hopper, feeding trough, coaltransportation part, hopper inside lining,burner nozzle.
The coal industry: the bin liner, floor scraperconveyor, plate, etc.Other sectors: solar glass, mining machinery,construction machinery, mining machinery, wear-resisting fan, brick, sand mining and other

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